Increase Sales with Candle Boxes Wholesale: Best Packaging that Sells!

candle boxes wholesale

I’m proud to be one of those many people who buy products at their first glance on the packaging. And being a packaging specialist, I know the role custom packaging plays in building your brand in the market.

Just last night, I was going through my Facebook feed, and an ad about scented candles popped up. Believe me, I couldn’t resist. And in no time, I had ordered a set of two different candles from that candle boxes wholesale store. Do you know why? Well, just because of the packaging. Come along as I tell you what can work in your best interest if you want to give your candle business a boost.

How Can Custom Candle Boxes Wholesale Help You Generate Sales?

Did you know that just last year, the candle industry in the USA generated a revenue of 4.5 billion dollars? This fact suggests that the candle business is one of the biggest industries in America. Therefore, while you have a 50% chance that your business will bloom, there’s another 50% that shows the competitor’s analysis. Here’s how can you see an increase in sales,

  • You must be aware that custom packaging is the new alpha in the packaging industry. People prefer custom-made products and believe me, this has become a global thing now. Because custom–made shows values, and dedication and represents the customer-centric approach of businesses.
  • Therefore, your first and foremost priority should be finding a retailer that offers custom packaging. Because packaging is the first thing that your customers will notice when taking a look at your product. And at that moment, they’re going to come up with their buying decision. Therefore, it’s highly important to get your candle packaging boxes customized by a well-resourced packaging company.

candle boxes

Versatile Styles for Your Candle Boxes Wholesale

Style is what builds your product for you. That’s why you have to do your best while styling your candle boxes wholesale. You can learn more about cardboard boxes on Wikipedia. And to make sure you choose the finest style for your packaging, I have laid out a few options for you

Premium Rigid Candle Presentation Boxes

Rigid is one of the most appropriate and luxurious packaging materials for candle boxes. The premium feel of these boxes elevates your product’s class to new heights. Moreover, you can add ribbons and soft-touch lamination to these rigid candle jar boxes. Because soft-touch and rigid combined are one of the most elitist candle packaging combos.

Two-Piece Candle Boxes

This is one of the trendiest styles in candle packaging. It comes in separate pieces and is also known as a sleeve and tray. You can customize it however you want. Most businesses use these boxes to promote their brand’s narrative. So, feel free to get your logo and brand’s themes printed on these custom-printed candle boxes.

Tuck-end Candle Packaging Boxes

This is one of the safest options for candle shipping boxes. Not only will it look beautiful, but it will also make sure that your candle remains intact while getting shipped. Moreover, the lock makes it highly secure from the bottom. Lastly, you can have it printed and use various options like embossing, debossing, and gold and silver foil to decorate it.

candle packaging boxes

What are The Advantages of Wholesale Candle Boxes?

Wholesale packaging is one of the most beneficial packaging methods for online and retail businesses. It offers a multitude of benefits and perks. Are you ready to explore some of those benefits with me? If so, then read below:


Placing the order over and over again, isn’t that a hassle? So, to save yourself from any such hassle, you need to order wholesale candle packaging. Furthermore, this will cause no delays in your client’s orders. And you’ll be able to deliver your orders on time.


Isn’t money the biggest factor here? Well, yes, it is. Ordering wholesale candle packaging can save tons and tons of money. For instance, at Packaging House US, we offer you minimum prices at the maximum order quantity. This way, you get a good number of boxes without breaking the bank.

Promotes Efficiency

Suppose that you have an urgent order of candles. But you have no boxes to pack them. And while this can cause you a lot of panic, ordering candle boxes wholesale is exactly what is going to save you from this situation. Not only will it save you from this situation, but it will also save you a lot of time. Lastly, this also promotes an efficient and well-resourced representation of your brand.

Time for the Final Call!

Lastly, I hope this blog has helped you make your decision about purchasing candle boxes wholesale. Custom candle box wholesale doesn’t only bring you one but various ways that can help you boost your sales.

The Packaging House US can create magnificent packaging for you, so place your order today to unlock the various perks and benefits that we offer.

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