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More Details About Kraft Boxes

Sustainability At Its Best With Custom Kraft Boxes:

Consumers across the US are beginning to fear the consequences of their choice on the environment. This calls for sustainable methods for everything including packaging. The most ecological packaging method would be going with our custom kraft boxes.

Kraft packaging boxes from Packaging House are the most sustainable packaging option you can find. Kraft is completely biodegradable which makes it the most excellent packaging material in the entire lot. We use the highest quality kraft paper to create kraft boxes with logo for you to up your packaging game. We are best at what we do so why not try?

Features Of Our Kraft Packaging Boxes:

Our kraft boxes with logo have some very exciting features that make them the preferred packaging method for most brands. Here are some amazing features for your business.

  • Sustainability:

This is the most obvious feature of kraft. It is the most sustainable packaging method you can find. Custom kraft boxes are completely biodegradable and ecological. They get degraded naturally and do not lie around polluting the environment. This helps you build a positive brand image with your kraft printed boxes. With a positive brand identity, you can win over more eco-conscious consumers.

  • Durability:

Harsh shipping and handling conditions can cause product damage which in turn hurts your customer base. Kraft packaging boxes feature durability which means your products stay protected during harsh shipping and handling conditions. So if you wish to make gift boxes with kraft, they will serve the purpose perfectly.

  • Lightweight:

Another amazing feature of kraft paper is that it is lightweight. This helps you save the transportation costs with your custom kraft boxes. They do not take up a lot of weight despite being durable. This means you can pack up more products together and ship them for a fraction of the cost.

  • Cost-Effective:

Another amazing feature of kraft is that it is quite cost-effective. The main reason for this is that kraft is made through natural resources through a chemical-free manufacturing process. This helps bring down the cost of the packaging material making your packaging boxes cost-effective. Kraft is also readily available so you will not run out of packaging boxes.

  • Recyclable:

Another amazing feature of custom kraft boxes is that they are completely recyclable. This means that you can recycle and reuse them after they have served their purpose. This just brings up the sustainability game a notch.

  • Minimal Printing:

The surface of kraft is porous and naturally rustic which helps you save a lot of money on printing costs. Kraft allows you to go with a minimal approach by just making kraft boxes with logo. If your product demands high-end printing, you can go with Kraft’s counterpart, custom cardboard boxes. They support high-quality printing.

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With all the amazing features, custom kraft boxes are the right choice for your business and Packaging House is the best place to get the custom printed. We offer the highest-grade of packaging solutions for your business to help you stand out from the competition. With our exclusive printing and finishing options, you are all set to win the market. Along with that, we offer kraft boxes wholesale prices and free shipping. And nothing can beat our fast turnaround time. So with all that said, why not get in touch now for a free quote?

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