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At Packaging House US, we believe in a simple ordering process for your custom boxes. Take a look at our simplified process.


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You will receive an art pack with a complete guide to help you curate custom packaging for your box.



An electronic proof will be sent to you via email for your approval or revisions.



Our team begins the production process right after your confirmation.



Receive the order within two weeks after your approval.

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Got my custom Cosmetic Display Boxes in just 10 days. Highly recommended.

A Small Business Owner

I was searching for a company with the lowest rates and good quality packaging solutions for Cosmetic Display Boxes. I googled contacted PackagingHouse US for a custom quotation. I got a quotation in juts 2 hous and i ordered it. I got my ordered boxes in just 6 days and i dont have words for the quality that i received. 100% recommended.
Are you a product owner like me? And need a custom packaging solution for your Cosmetic Display Boxes? Look no further, PackagingHouse US is the right choice. We are working with them for the last 2 years and never got any problems with our packaging.

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We offer you our prime packaging solutions that will make your product stand out in the market

No die & Plate Charges

Quick Turnaround Time

Free Shipping

Starting from 50 boxes

Custom Size & Style

Free Graphic Designing

More details about Cosmetic Display Boxes

At Packaging House US, we present to you boxes for your cosmetic product packaging solution. A variety of options at your disposal with endless customization freedom. You can browse all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials that you are looking for in your cosmetic product. Our boxes are your one-stop solution to the packaging of your cosmetic items. 

We at Packaging House US make sure that the quality of packaging should be seamless. Our high-quality packaging is what makes our customer’s products stand out in the market. Whether it is any kind of makeup product, our display boxes are the perfect solution for it. The boxes that we provide are made with superior quality to maintain the product’s shape and size.

With fast-changing fashion trends, we tend to provide trendy packaging styles and colors to compliment the packaging. We are here to make sure your product sells itself and to help your product stand out on the market. With endless packaging possibilities, you will be satisfied with the quality and the packaging material that is used at Packaging House US. 

Reasons Why You Should Use Our Custom Printing Solution 

No Extra Charges 

You won’t be charged extra when you place your order for printing purposes. There is a strict rule where we make sure the customer is charged for what he/she is paying. There won’t be extra charges for dye or plate that will be used for your printing needs. You will only be charged for what you should be paying for. 

Fast Service 

Our service is fast because the turnaround time for your printing needs is highly sensitive. You won’t be getting a lousy late service when you use our custom printing solution. We make sure the customer is served first.

Free Shipping

With free shipping half of your cost is getting saved by using our printing services. We are here to make sure your money is well spent. Free shipping does not mean that your services will get late, we assure you that you are our number one priority. 

Custom Sizes

We print all kinds of sizes and styles that you desire. There is a range of sizes and different styles of printing that we provide with high-quality printing service. From a small box for a mobile device to a good-sized LCD box we have got you covered. 

Free Graphic Designing

We provide free graphic designing services because we care for our customers. With free graphic designing services our customers are free to get what they want for their printing services. It gives our customers a sense of freedom where they can experience different graphic designing ideas. 

How Your Order Will Be Delivered?

There is a seamless easy process your order will go through before reaching at your doorstep. Here is the complete process in detail.


You will place your order through our website. Where all your information will be secured and trusted. Our website gives our users a friendly interface where online ordering becomes easy. 

Your Design

Once you are ready you will receive a nice package containing a comprehensive guide that will help you curate custom packaging for your desired box. This great feature of our custom printing solution will let you understand the process for your custom packaging box. 


An electronic approval will be sent to you via your provided email, or revision. This will let you secure your transaction and your order will become more secure and reliable. Your approval is electronic which is more secure than any other transaction method. 


Once confirmation is done from your side, our team will begin the process of production of your order. Right after the confirmation, your order is under the process of production and all you need to do is wait till your order arrives at your doorstep.


Receive the order within two weeks after your approval. Just in two weeks, your complete order will be delivered. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your order because we provide high-quality custom printing solutions. 

Why Choose Packaging House US?

Packaging House is esteemed to serve its customers with better and reliable services. We aim to bring high-quality work and are keen to learn what our customers need. Our custom printing solutions with customized designs and styles are very popular and of superior quality. By keeping our agenda “Quality over everything” we deliver the best printing solution for our customers. By bringing printing solutions to the next level we have prioritized our customers’ needs. We make sure our printing solution helps our customers to stand out in the market and lead with high quality. We are using advanced technology for printing techniques that will help you grab the market and will surely boost your product sale. 

Make sure that the boxes product packaging you select is actually just as elegant as the items inside along with these trendy boxes.
Specially designed to provide for business necessities, these boxes make transport secure as well as very easy.
Benefit from the option to publish your firm’s logo straight on these boxes to ensure increased company awareness as well as an on-the-spot chance for marketing.
Feature your products tightly and nicely
Along with our product packaging choices, you can easily make certain that your products are actually entirely approximately the most recent business specifications while likewise making sure clients that packing stability and its safety and security are of miraculous value to your firm.
PackagingHouseUS product packaging solutions will definitely keep your products risk-free as well as aid you to construct a depending on a partnership with your customers.
Display Boxes are actually made not simply for beauty, these customized packing containers will definitely also ensure that your items sustain their stability and also confine the risk of harm during shipping or even storing.
As a businessman, you can include that fee contact to your item by having a top-notch packing option. As a result of the saturated market, you must assume out of the package and needs to get some top quality packaging for your products to stand out available and acquire the interest of your best customers.
Do not hesitate to reach Packaging House US for Cosmetic Display Boxes. You can easily add colorful designs and also graphic images to the boxes.
To make economical boxes, you can easily opt for our high-end printing package deal for your display boxes.
At the supermarket as well as stores, there are actually several boxes featured. Away from all those display screen packages, you have to be sure your brand possesses the very best packaging containers featured. For this, you may develop a unique design suggestion and also hit our team for custom publishing of your boxes.
PackagingHouseUS, a done in one area for your packing needs to have.

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