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We have a ton of fantastic recyclable and environmentally friendly paper packaging options to support your company. The thinner paper type seen in conventional custom vape boxes is also included in our cigarette boxes. Thicker, card-stock paper is also used in point-of-purchase display boxes to produce visually striking branding for your pre-rolls. 

Some high-end multipacks employ an additional layer of thick paper stock to provide your pre-roll cones or tubes a sturdy home. Recall that you may use our service to create your paper packaging on both sides.

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At Packaging House US, we believe in a simple ordering process for your custom boxes. Take a look at our simplified process.


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More Details About Vape Boxes

Maximize the Value of Your Brand with Exceptional Vape Packaging

There are many strategies to raise the value of your brand; the question is which is most useful. Our bespoke vape packaging boxes, in our opinion, are the most effective and straightforward way to quickly raise the value of your brand. Investing in your vape boxes packaging is just as crucial as investing in your product because it’s the first thing that can wow a buyer.

Make or Break the Agreement! Have you ever heard this expression before? In light of the package terms, let’s examine it. It is undeniable that we live in a digital age when everything is digital. Therefore, in order to capture the attention of the audience, your product needs to have a particular creative appeal. You may enhance the visual appeal and artistic quality of your goods by using our vape packaging. At Packaging House US, we create and design your vape display boxes to draw in a large number of potential customers and help your vape business make a substantial profit.

Exceptionally Safe Custom Vape Packaging

For us, the security of your vape goods comes first. We have witnessed several respectable firms have their audience badly impacted by subpar product packaging. In the end, the product sustains some damage as a result of the inadequate packaging. We certainly don’t want our clients to be worried about their purchases getting damaged in transit. We thus put a lot of effort into creating the materials that ensure the durability and sustainability of your vaporizer.

We are aware that protecting your goods should always come first, regardless of style preferences. Furthermore, providing your consumers with safe and secure pre roll packaging makes a great first impression that sticks. Additionally, it encourages brand loyalty and efficiency.

Top Grade Stock for Your Vape Box Packaging

A key element in defining the success of your brand is the caliber of the packaging for your products. We want you to make a name for yourself in the vape market, which is why we provide you with the most luxurious options for vape packaging materials. We are your biggest supporter.

• Cardboard

For a range of items, cardboard packaging is useful. We can follow your directions and change every aspect on this cardboard box. These elements will give the tactile appeal and visual appeal of your vape packaging boxes. However, cardboard cigarette boxes may definitely benefit your business.

• Kraft Paper Kraft

We are aware that eco-friendly packaging concerns the majority of businesses. We want you to know that our kraft stock is not only very durable and strong, but it also decomposes naturally.

• Stiff

The best word to use to characterize stiff material is quality. The raw-textured, stiff paper may be used for a variety of packaging applications. It’s the best option for your vapor goods.

• Plywood

When someone refers to highly portable CBD packaging material, they are most often referring to corrugated stock. Corrugated hemp boxes, which are mostly used for shipping, keep your merchandise safe and secure.

Printing Solutions to Increase Brand Recognition

Not only do we want to give you packaging that will protect your vape, but our main objective is to increase brand recognition since customers won’t buy from you until they know about you. We provide you with a great selection of printing alternatives to assist you increase brand recognition.

• Custom Vape Packaging Boxes with Logo

Since it is your company’s principal means of identification, your logo is a trademark. It will enable your clients to set your goods apart from competitors. If you are at a loss for a logo, our designers can assist you in creating one for your company.

• Product Details on the Label

You can get assistance from our designers in displaying all the relevant information about your goods. This always helps the buyer learn all they need to know about the components and usefulness of your product. Furthermore, your consumers will be able to tell how effective your brand and product are.

• Superb Customization Designs and Methods

One cognitive element that influences a customer’s decision to purchase or not is the product packaging. A straightforward or list-style custom vape box packaging may turn away customers, which is something you want to avoid. We assist you with concept development, taking into account the newest and most popular package styles.

These designs will undoubtedly entice people to purchase your goods. Our talented and dedicated team of designers will make sure that your custom vape packaging stands out from the competition. One benefit of choosing us as your packaging partner is that we provide complimentary design assistance. 

Packaging that is Affordable and Easily Accessed

Your packaging problem isn’t with expensive packaging. You’re in the wrong hands if the cost of the packaging service exceeds the value of your product. We provide our customers with affordable and cost-effective vape packaging solutions. We never sacrifice the quality of your packaging in order to maintain our affordable custom boxes at wholesale rates costs. We don’t want our customers to worry about their vape boxes since we are aware of the present state of the global economy. We want our customers to understand how important their packaging needs are to us.

How Do You Place an Order?

At Packaging House US, we want your experience with us regarding vape juice packaging to be as simple and hassle-free as possible. It is thus quite simple to place an order at Packaging House US. You can ask our live chat experts for assistance if you need additional information. Additionally, you can reach us via phone or email. Send us all the information on the packaging you want, and that’s it. We’ll take it from there. Our outstanding team is eager to assist you in achieving the greatest packaging outcomes.

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