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Counter Display Boxes | Display Boxes | Packaging House US June 2023



Custom Display Boxes For A Professional Presentation:

In the retail market, the thing that matters even more than a functional product is how you present it. The market is becoming more and more competitive and to get the win, brands are trying out all kinds of marketing efforts. One of the best working marketing techniques would be going with custom display boxes with logo.

Custom Printed display boxes offer an excellent product presentation. As the name suggests, they offer a beautiful display of your products on retail shelves to improve your sales. Display boxes can serve as the holy grail for your marketing and branding efforts. Packaging House constructs the most exquisite class of custom printed display boxes to help present your product in the best light.

Types Of Customized Display Packaging Boxes:

Based on customer requirements and product display needs, we offer various types of custom display boxes to help you set your brand apart in retail stores. Here are some types to choose from.

  • Counter Display Boxes:

These might be the best kind of display packaging boxes to choose from for your business. Counter display boxes are smaller in size and offer you to present your products on point of sale. If you sell smaller impulse buy items such as candy or vape products, these might be the right choice for you.

  • Window Display Boxes:

These display boxes feature a die-cut window for an impressive sneak peek at the product. Custom display boxes with windows can be designed in any shape and size with an impressive window style. You can use a transparent PVC sheet to cover the display. These types of packaging boxes add an impressive touch of curiosity to your products.

  • Sidekick Display Boxes:

These boxes are attached to the side of a retail display or shelf. They don’t take up much space and can easily be hung to offer an impressive product presentation. They are used for smaller products such as lip balms or keychains.

  • Pallet Display Boxes:

If you need custom display boxes with logo to present your beverages or snacks as a pack of six or twelve, a pallet-style would be a perfect choice. These boxes allow you to stack up and present your products. You can design your custom gift boxes as pallet display boxes for your food or beverage gifts.

  • Miniature Display Boxes:

These are smaller display boxes that are perfect for displaying smaller items such as jewelry or miniature figurines. If you are looking for a way to pack and display collectibles, these are the right choice for you.

  • Stand-Up Display Boxes:

These types of custom display boxes feature an impressive stand-up design. They can be customized into any shape and size. You can use them to stack up and display your products such as cosmetics. These display boxes act as a shelf within themselves so you can save some space while beautifully displaying your products.

Let’s Get Started:

With all that said, it is time to get started on creating the perfect packaging boxes for your business. Packaging House is the best place to be for all your custom packaging needs. We offer;

  • Free Shipping
  • Display Boxes Wholesale Prices
  • Fastest Turnaround
  • Free Design Consultation
  • Variety Of Customization Options

So for your custom display boxes, custom pillow boxes, or any other custom packaging requirements, reach us and we will help you create the right packaging.


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