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Custom Hang Tags – An Effective Way of Branding

Do you know that custom hang tags are known as one of the most effective marketing tools? And not only this, but the use of hang tags is also one of the oldest branding hacks. Therefore, at Packaging House US, we offer you various customization features to design and style your hang tags packaging boxes.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect marketing tool, you know who to contact! Obviously, us! Moreover, you can choose any style, size, and shape of your hang tags. And we will design your hang tangs packaging boxes, exactly as you desire. Labels and stickers can also get printed on your hang tags.

Strengthen Your Marketing with Printed Hang Tags

One of the most brilliant ways to capture your customer’s eye is using hang tags on your products. Moreover, something that is connected to your product will definitely not go unnoticed by your customer. Therefore, to ensure that your customers turn into regular buyers, you need to invest in your hang tags packaging.

You can get your hang tags printed with colorful graphics. These fun and eye-catchy visuals can grab the attention of your customers in no time. Moreover, you can use fun imagery and even print your logo and theme on the custom-printed hang tags. You can also buy a tray and sleeve-style boxes from Packaging House US at affordable rates.

Special Features for Custom Hang Tags

Your hang tags need to look vibrant and beautiful to ensure that they don’t miss your customer’s eye. Therefore, we offer the most creative add-ons that can make your hang tags look lovely on your products.

  • Spot UV
  • Gold Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Stamping
  • Aqueous Coating
  • Holographic Foiling

These features add elegance to your hang tags. They increase your brand’s value and help you get referrals and repeat customers. Furthermore, these are some of the most used features that many business owners are utilizing to up their packaging game. So, if you want to create a brand out of your business, make sure to order your hang tags wholesale today.

Common Materials for Your Hang Tags

Hang tags wholesale is one of your cheapest marketing tools. No matter what material you choose, you will not have to pay a hefty amount for it. Packaging House US offers the material of the highest quality when it comes to maintaining the quality as well as the aesthetics of your products.

Some of the most common types of material sued to create hang tags are as follow,

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated

These materials are durable and they promise quality.

Increase Your Brand’s Worth with Custom Hang Tags

Hang tags are most commonly used for apparel and accessories. And most people have a habit of checking the hang tags before buying any product. Therefore, when you attach these printed hang tags to your products, you start getting a lot of attention. It can also save your audience a lot of time in learning about the specific details of your product. That’s why we suggest customized hang tags as a smart way to promote your brand and increase it with.

Why Should Packaging House US Your Number One Choice?

Some of the features that make us your best choice are mentioned below,

  • Firstly, we have the quickest turn-around time. We deliver your job to your doorstep in the committed time.
  • We offer free delivery.
  • We provide unlimited customization options.
  • Our sales staff walk with you till the time your products get displayed on the shelves.
  • We offer free design consultation.

To discover more benefits, contact us at +1 834 426 2661. You can also talk to us through our live chat support. So, why wait? get in touch now!


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