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Increase Sales with Custom Labels & Stickers

To bring out the best in your product, you need to be careful about all the little details, Custom labels and stickers, in this case, are one of the most significant branding details that can not be overstated enough. Customizable labels and stickers can be used smartly to promote your brand and your business mission to your audience. Moreover, hang tags are another great option for your product promotion. Get in touch now to place your order. 

Beat Your Competition with Custom Printed Labels & Stickers!

Right now, every industry is raising its standards. Be it cosmetics, accessories, or apparel, you’ll see all the business owners striving to get the best out of their products. So, in this fast-paced world, you need to make an impressive impression on your customers. An impression that won’t let your customers go to other stores but only yours. 

Our Most-Selling Custom Stickers

We have listed out some of our best-selling custom labels and stickers, just so we can help you get started, 

Vinyl Printed Stickers

Vinyl-printed stickers are created from PVC. You can get them printed in hundreds of colors. They are one of the most durable labels. They are also weather-proof, which makes them a great way to keep your product safe. Moreover, it is also scratch and smudge safe, which means it can last for a long time. Lastly, they are a much cheaper and long-lasting option than other stickers. You can also get these stickers printed on custom pillow boxes or any other type of packaging boxes. 

Kiss Cut stickers

Kiss-cut stickers have an added layer on one side. This means the paper on the back of the sticker stays intact. They are not cut straight as some die-cut stickers can be. They offer easy-to-peel and great protection. These stickers are resistant to heat and moisture. Which makes them a great custom sticker option.

Holographic stickers

Holographic stickers are the perfect custom labels to grab your customer’s attention. Their reflective surface adds shine and class to your products. They can refract the light at multiple angles that increase the beauty of your products. They can save your products from being duplicated or getting the design stolen. They are used to mark the authentication of your product. 

Die Cut stickers

As the name suggests, die-cut stickers are cut into different dies. These dies are basically of any shape that you would prefer for your product. These stickers can be made both in matte and glossy form. All you have to do to get them to stick on your product is to remove the peel and put it anywhere you want to. 

Advantages of Using Printed Stickers & Printed Labels

Packaging House US offers you multiple benefits when it comes to printing your stickers and custom labels. We have listed some of those benefits below, 

  1. Extra Product Protection
  2. Great Marketing Tool 
  3. Raise Brand Awareness
  4. Affordable and Cheap
  5. Durable and Impactful

To get the best quality custom labels and custom stickers, place your order today. 

Choose Us Your Packaging Supplier!

Packaging House US is the leading packaging manufacturer in the USA. We offer unlimited design options, 24/7  customer support services, excellent customer satisfaction, free shipping, and free design services. We also charge you zero die & plate charges. and we make your packaging process hassle-free and convenient for you. 

So, why the hold? Call us today at +1 834 426 2661, and don’t miss out on our exciting offers!


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